Our History

The San Antonio Warriors Football Organization was formed by Coach Glen White in 2004 and holds the record for most wins in Texas semi-pro football history.  In their inaugural year, the Warriors won the Central Division, Southern Conference, and the TUFL League Championship.  The Warriors were also the Red River Classic Champions, which was a National Championship held in Joplin, Missouri.

From 2005 through 2008, the San Antonio Warriors maintained a winning record in the TUFL and accumulated four Central Division Championships and two Southern Conference Championships.

In 2009 the San Antonio Warriors moved to the NMLF and won their Division, Conference, and NMFL League Championships.  They were also Texas State Champions in 2009.

From 2010 through 2012, the San Antonio Warriors moved to the MPFL and won three Division Championships, two Conference Champsionships, and were MPFL League Champions in 2011.  The Warriors were also National Champions in the Semi-Pro BCS Winter-Spring.

During the San Antonio Warrior’s existence, many of their players have moved to pro teams in the AFL, CIFL, LSFL, PIFL, and NAL.  Many of the Warrior Cheerleaders moved on to perform in the WNBA, NBA, AHL, MLS and NFL.

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